Alternative fees and value-based billing for legal departments, law firms, and vendors

"Knowledgeable and responsive in crafting a customized approach"

– JoAnn Lee, Assistant General Counsel –
Litigation, ExxonMobil
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"Offers strong insight into the global corporate challenge of managing legal costs using innovative legal project management tools and expert data analysis to achieve results"

– Silvio DeCarli, Associate GC & Chief
Litigation Counsel, DuPont
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Quality, innovation and efficiency . . .

Today's global enterprises need them all, in their own performance and from their law firms and legal vendors. It's about delivering superior value, and achieving more with less.

The Counsel Management Group (CMG) is an ideal partner in solving these issues. Founded on the principle that there is no substitute for first-hand experience and results, CMG offers a rare combination of applied legal and management skill developed from the client's perspective.

And having worked in sophisticated environments like major corporate legal departments and law firms, we know the importance of fitting seamlessly with multi-faceted teams. We see collaboration as the key to success, and we work to fit in with and compliment your expertise.

Call or email us . . . we'd be glad to talk about how we can help you deliver even greater value to your enterprise and clients.