Real Life Case Study:
How We Saved Zimmer Biomet $3M

The Counsel Management Group joined forces with Zimmer Biomet, a leading medical device manufacturer, to analyze and reduce their legal spending. See how we helped them cut costs.
Testimonials: “The team’s ability to improve legal spend predictability and forecasting has led to fewer surprises for Finance. Our Finance team is glad to grow our partnership with Legal to better manage outside counsel spend and drive savings back to the business. CMG has been very helpful.” – Ben Haab, Finance Manager – Corporate Functions (Zimmer Biomet)

Legal Spend Management Challenges

Chief financial officers and financial managers face big challenges when it comes to legal spend management. The necessary cost of protecting a company from a lawsuit, intellectual property dispute or other legal issues can be difficult to forecast and manage. The in-house legal department is accountable for a favorable resolution, while the finance department is accountable for the company’s bottom line, and this can cause a budgetary disconnect between the two departments.

Expert Legal + Finance Insight

The Counsel Management Group is uniquely qualified to bring legal departments and finance departments in balance. Our decades-long experience as both in-house legal counsel and outside litigators provides us (and you) with valuable insider insight. We know how to negotiate with outside counsel and reduce inefficiencies, without sacrificing the quality of legal representation or valuable relationships with trusted law firms.

Learn How You Can Save 10-20% on Legal Fees without Sacrificing Quality

CMG’s combination of Legal + Finance expertise, along with its proprietary AFADATA system, help more accurately forecast legal spending, sustainably reduce legal fees, and manage costs in ways that both lawyers and finance managers can agree on.

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