About Us

Frederick Paulmann

There’s a unique story behind our business, and it revolves around people – those who founded the company, those who continue to grow it, and most importantly, the people we help and serve. As you read on below, you’ll learn more about our technology, metrics, and data analytics. These are all valuable and helpful tools, which enable us to deliver exceptional results. In the end, however, our story comes back to people. That is what truly distinguishes us, and always will.

People were top of mind when I founded The Counsel Management Group in 2009. Having worked as an in-house attorney at Pfizer for nearly 10 years, and as a Litigation attorney at Kaye Scholer before that, I saw first-hand how hard people work to deliver great legal advice on complex matters. At the same time, I saw how frustrating it could be to budget and manage costs for highly variable matters, where the future is difficult to predict. It also became evident from working with dedicated people from Finance, Operations and Procurement that the corporate world needs better approaches to managing legal costs, beyond mere discounts off hourly rates.

Working with great teams of people across all these disciplines, it became clear that there is a better way to do this. And that’s what we did – increasing value and savings via higher levels of engagement with law firms, stronger Legal Operations, quality data analytics and use of value-based fees.

With this experience as our foundation, we’ve built The Counsel Management Group to help companies and law firms do better in managing legal costs – keeping in mind that it’s about increasing overall value, not just cost savings. Quality is critical, and that guides our analysis and recommendations always.

The people on our team reflect this commitment to quality. With deep experience from the Legal industry, the Corporate world, and the Consulting field, we are able to better understand strategic challenges and provide customized solutions that go far beyond “the numbers.” Because of this, we’ve had a strong track record of success since our inception, and are proud and grateful for the many clients who express their confidence in us.

At the end of the day we are fortunate to work with exceptional people who really care about getting it right, applying sophisticated judgment honed over the years. That describes our clients, and it describes the approach we take as well. With us, it’s personal.


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