Legal Finance & Operations


Improve the way your team delivers services.  We can help you manage Operations more effectively, while freeing up in-house attorney time to focus more on strategic legal work.  Our toolkit includes better approaches to budgeting, billing guidelines, scorecards, dashboards and technology, along with strategic sourcing analysis.

In recent years, Legal Operations has grown as a significant area of focus across Legal Departments large, medium and small. It’s no surprise why. Experience consistently shows that investments in strengthening Legal Operations bear significant returns of both time and money. Equally important, improving Legal Operations often leads to higher levels of satisfaction within the Legal Department – “freeing up the lawyers to focus more on legal work,” is the refrain commonly heard.

CMG is an ideal strategic partner to help you down this path – whether it is your initial foray into Legal Operations, or more about improvements to your existing operating procedures. Because we have lived these issues, from the inside, at sophisticated Legal Departments, we are uniquely positioned to advise and help with approaches that work effectively in the real world, in light of the specific way you operate.

To do this, we analyze your existing Operations structure, processes and tools, and advise on cost-effective ways to improve them. We can benchmark your current approaches, comparing them to other peer companies in your industry to highlight areas where you are ahead of the curve, and others where you may want to consider improvements. This analysis can also highlight opportunities to save via strategic sourcing – bringing in certain work where is makes sense to, and outsourcing or co-sourcing certain processes to increase value and efficiency.

No matter the approach you decide to take, we can help create dashboards and scorecards to better manage performance and measure success.