Reduce Legal Fees without Sacrificing Quality
We have unique expertise in bridging Legal + Finance. Let us put it to work for you.

Founded in 2009, The Counsel Management Group helps companies reduce legal fees, improve budget predictability and better manage legal costs. As managers and lawyers with extensive in-house legal and outside litigation experience, we have the unique advantage of knowing how the system works.

We Can Help Your Company:
  • Better Manage Legal Spend
  • Reduce Inefficiencies
  • Utilize State of the Art Legal Data Analytics
  • Negotiate More Effectively with Outside Counsel
  • Strengthen Cost Predictability and Budget Performance

Forecast and Manage Your Legal Costs Better
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At The Counsel Management Group (CMG), we have lived first-hand, and understand, the importance of investing in high quality legal services to protect your company, while properly managing these costs within budgetary constraints. We know class action suits, product recalls and other legal issues can be hard to budget for. Our proprietary AFADATA® system helps to anticipate and manage these fluctuating expenses.

  • “For years we have been asking for this type of data and analytics, and no one has been able to provide it.  We finally have information that we can do something with.”

    – Jeff Kruse, Senior Counsel, Boston Scientific

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  • “Bringing a unique combination of legal experience and business and finance acumen to analyze law firm / client relationships, and show both sides how to maximize value & service.”

    – Bradley Lerman, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary, Medtronic

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  • “Offers strong insight into the global corporate challenge of managing legal costs using innovative legal project management tools and expert data analysis to achieve results.”

    – Silvio DeCarli, Associate GC & Chief Litigation Counsel, DuPont

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  • “A rare combination of skills – legal, management and finance – with a clear focus towards results.”

    – Kim Dadlani, Former VP of Finance, Pfizer

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