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change2A few weeks ago, I attended a big industry-wide conference called LegalTech. You’re probably familiar with the scene — lots of people, exhibit booths, and glossy handouts promising to solve all problems. The sameness of it all is what struck me. Though some were snazzier than others, the booths and handouts all blurred together after a while. But the real redundancy — the true Groundhog Day movie moment– was in recognizing that every year the pattern repeats. The masses gather, talking about the “new solutions” to the entrenched problems everyone has been grappling with for years. But few people stop to ask, what happened to the past “solutions” that were supposed to fix this? Or, even more to the point, why should we believe you this time? And that got me to thinking, of course, that the real issues so many of us face professionally are not really about technology, but more about change management. And that got me to thinking about Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube.

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